Adventurous couple

Cheyanna and Adrian

Capturing a little rendezvous of the true New Yorkers around iconic Brooklyn Bridge, because “big apple” is a city of romance and adventure.

Cheyanna and Adrian live in beautiful Brooklyn neighborhood. Countless numbers of little boutiques,  cozy coffee shops and most romantic brunch places in New York area characterize this area east of Manhattan. We met this lovely couple right under the iconic bridge, one of the oldest in United States. Surrounded by brownstones and green parks we felt in love with the location and understood why Chey and Adrian chose this place for their home.

We had so much fun walking with them through the narrow streets while they shared their stories with us. Adrian commutes biking through the Brooklyn bridge to his work in Manhattan and together they love hunting the best pizzerias in the area. Cheyanna’s passion is photography and animals. They¬† live in a cozy Brooklyn apartment with a rescue pit-bull, Poppy. She is mad about animals, letters in the mail, coffee and tacos. They both love to laugh and enjoy the late night Commedy Cellar shows. We were really enjoying the little adventure they took us on the beautiful fall evening.

NYC couple session

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