Meet Oscar & Lucy

… the team behind the camera

We are Calgary based photographers with passion for traveling, adventure and capturing beautiful moments.

We are a great team, whether it is as photography partners, dinner preparation or travel companions. We love to go on adventure local or distant just to share the exciting new experience together.


I am not fan of pants but love dresses, and wish I could get married every day just to wear different dress each time. Also I love shoes.When I joined Oscar for wedding photography he promised to get me a pair of shoes for every wedding, I think he owes me a nice pair of Louboutin‘s now, lol.
I am pretty emotional person,so if you will find me crying, that is because I am happy for you. 🙂
When I do not have camera in hands I love reading books, watching movies with Oscar, enjoying cup of awesome coffee,spending too much time on Pinterest or playing with flowers.
I own probably 50 shades of red lipstick and always buy new one at Sephora, because „I do not have this shade yet“ or can’t find it in one of my few but very chaotic purses.
I never finish cup of tea at home, unless it is Oscar‘s special tea, then I proudly show him empty cup convincing him. If you come on mountain engagement session with us, we usually carry thermos of tea with us, so you can get a taste of it.
I am terrified of leaving voicemails and do not answer calls from numbers I do not know, but if you leave me voicemail I will call you back.
BTW I almost forgot puppies. How could I?I love puppies, the fluffier the better! This pretty much summed up who I am and if you finished reading up here without rolling your eyes I think we should be friends 🙂


I love chocolate, my wife and mountains. (Yes in this order… sorry honey).  The best combination is to enjoy a chocolate in the mountains with Lucy by my side. The mountains and nature, in general, make me feel humbled and relaxed. It’s where I can re-charge the energy whether it’s hiking, watching the sunsets over the lakes or chasing the northern lights at night. And if I stay in the city for too long, well ice cream will do the same 🙂 (highly recommend Made by Marcus)

I share a passion for food, especially Italian, like serous chef skills! I made apple-cinnamon crepes for Lucy on our first date, and she married me to have them for Sunday morning breakfasts.

From all that food and sweets it almost looks like I have not other hobbies, haha, but I am quite active person. Zumba is my second personal favorite activity after being behind a camera. It probably all started when I was a competitive ballroom dancer, which is a story for the personal meeting…